Content of the project

The objectives of the Digimieli project are to facilitate easier access to help with mental health challenges and to support the work of professionals. We are striving towards these objectives by producing reliable information about mental health challenges and by training professionals. The project utilises the know-how of experts by experience and digital services. Achieving the objectives of the project would not be possible without close collaboration with other operators in the sector.

Care programmes for mental health problems

  • Multidisciplinary evidence-based online self-care and group care materials. 
  • The materials can be utilised independently online as self-care, with the support of a professional as instructed self-care, and to support other forms of care.
  • The materials contain a wide range of information, videos, audio recordings and contemplative assignments.
  • Some of the self-care programmes are also provided in English and Swedish.


  • We train social welfare and health care professionals regionally and nationally with regard to the content of the materials produced in the project.
  • We provide Keho ja mieli (‘Body and Mind’) online group instructor training courses that prepare instructors for remote group sessions. 

Experts by experience

  • Trained experts by experience have been heavily involved in the different phases and processes of the project:
    • production of materials
    • development of care programmes 
    • training of professionals 
    • working as group instructors together with professionals. 

Digital services

  • We produce easy-to-use online self-care materials.
  • The suitability of the materials for remotely instructed self-care has been taken into account in their production. 
  • We train group instructors to prepare them for instructing remote groups. 


  • We cooperate with professionals and experts by experience alike.
  • We have been collaborating closely with the social welfare and health care professionals of the City of Helsinki in the production of materials and the provision of training courses.
  • This cooperation extends from the basic level to specialist health care and third-sector operators.  

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