Help with suicidality

Photo: Yiping Feng ja Ling Ouyang

Self-destructive thoughts are relatively common: every tenth adult has thought about suicide in the last year and roughly one sixth of the population of Finland have thought about killing themselves sometime during their life. For the majority of people, these thoughts quickly pass.

If you have self-destructive thoughts, you should always talk to someone, and if you have persistent suicidal ideation, you should always seek help. The underlying reason for such thoughts is often a mental health disorder that can be treated. If you find it difficult to resist self-destructive thoughts, you have a strong desire to die, you have made a plan for realising your thoughts or if you harm yourself or try to end your life, you must seek treatment immediately. 

Urgent help:

In an emergency situation, call the emergency number 112.

Mieli Mental Health Finland’s Crisis Helpline is open 24/7: +358 (0)9 2525 0111.

Services provided by the City of Helsinki:

Your primary care location in case of acute mental health problems is your local health station, open on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00. At other times, please call the Medical Helpline before contacting the emergency services, tel. 116 117.

Psychiatric emergency services are provided by the Meilahti Emergency Department at Haartman Hospital.

Make a safety plan:

The purpose of making a safety plan is to have a prepared action plan for any self-destructive hazard situations and prevent potential suicide attempts. MIELI Mental Health Finland’s Suicide Prevention Centre has produced five instructional videos on creating a safety plan.