Depression sensitivity and mindfulness self-care programme

This self-care programme is intended for persons who have experienced one or several depressive episodes and are thus prone to become depressed again. The programme can be beneficial to a person who has an adequate ability to function despite potential residual depression symptoms.

Photo: Yiping Feng ja Ling Ouyang


In this programme, you will get to familiarise yourself with your own depression sensitivity and strengthen your ability to be consciously present in the moment.

Begin here:

The goal of this self-care programme is for you to learn to examine the functioning of your own mind, familiarise yourself with mindfulness and, as a result, begin to notice how automatic thoughts occurring in your mind can affect your mood. The goal is not to eliminate difficult emotions or make your mood permanently positive. Below are instructions for proceeding in this particular self-care programme. Be sure to read our general instructions for self-care programmes as well.

  • 1st week: mindfulness and depression

    In week 1, you will get to know what mindfulness means and what is it like to practice mindfulness. During the week you will try and get a sense of what does it feel like to do different exercises.

  • 2nd week: are you living on autopilot?

    In week 2, you will learn about the minds autopilot and how the autopilot affects mood.

  • 3rd week: being and doing

    In week 3, you will have a look at the different modes of mind and practice switching modes by mindfulness.

  • 4th week: body connection

    In week 4, you will strengthen your body connection with various exercises.

  • 5th week: motion as an anchor to the present moment

    In week 5, you will try mindfulness exercises that use movement. Movement is one of the best ways to bring your mind back to this moment.

  • 6th week: openness to the moment

    In week 6, you will have a look at how your thoughts and interpretations can affect your mood. You will also practice observing your thoughts from a small distance.

  • 7th week: functioning

    In week 7, you will learn about how the connection of depression and functional ability and how mindful activity can increase well-being.

  • 8th week: practice begins now

    In the last week of the programme, you will reflect on what you have learned, what was most important for you, and what kind of a role could mindfulness have in your life from now on.