5th week: motion as an anchor to the present moment

Motion makes you present

One of the most common misconceptions about mindfulness and meditation is that you have to sit quietly in a dark room, doing and thinking about nothing. It may be a relief for you to learn that exercises can also be done on the move, and the aim is not for you to empty your mind. In the video below, experts by experience talk about what practising mindfulness has been like for them.

Experiences of practising mindfulness

This week, we will look at how we can return to the present moment regardless of time and place and detach from the difficult tendency of our thoughts to time travel. There are several different routes to this, and this week we will focus on motion. 

Any time we move intentionally – i.e. on purpose and not reflexively – our mind is involved in the motion. The more complex our movements or combinations thereof are, the more we have to focus on them and the less our mind has time to work on its own. 

Exercises for the week

Use the recording to practise conscious movement on 2–3 days this week. Try to do the entire exercise during at least one practice session. 

Practise conscious walking as well. Following the instructions of the recording, do the walking meditation exercise on two days and try to pay attention to your steps as often as possible when walking from place to place.