4th week: body connection

The mind cannot control the mind

Many people struggling with depression have heard comments such as “depression only exists in your head” or “just think positively and things will work out.” Comments of this nature are misleading, as we cannot simply think depression away. In actuality, we cannot think away any seriously difficult emotions. Somewhat paradoxically, the way to mitigate difficult emotions has nothing to do with thinking. Or you could say that we can access healing thoughts via other routes altogether: through our body, motion and our senses. 

Mindfulness and the body

Many people find practising mindfulness easier on the move than sitting still. This week and next week, we will try various physical and motion-based mindfulness exercises.   

Exercises for the week

This week, you will practise body scanning on four days. Try to do the entire exercise in accordance with the recording on at least one practice session – preferably several, if possible. If you want to change things up, you can do conscious leaning during a few practice sessions. 

Practise observing your breathing as well. Do the exercise by following the recording. You can also stop at any point to observe your breathing, even if just for a few respiratory cycles.