6. The development of emotional instability 

Borderline personality disorder develops over a long time. The development of emotional instability cannot be explained by any single experience or personal characteristic. It is thought that there are a variety of exposing factors – i.e. things that increase the likelihood of a person developing emotional instability.

It was commonly thought in the past that people are born into the world as blank canvases. Today, it has been established that even newborn babies have various innate tendencies and characteristics. These characteristics have an impact on how we experience the world around us, interaction, our own behaviour and how other people see us.

The development of emotional instability is illustrated with a biosocial model. According to the model, emotional regulation skills remain inadequate when an innately sensitive child grows up in an environment in which they do not, for one reason or another, learn the emotional skills they need to cope with their sensitivity.

The video below provides more information on how emotional instability develops. 

How does BPD develop?