Final words

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this self-care programme! It has required not only persistence, but also curiosity and courage from you.

You can learn to live with anxiety

Anxiety management and regulation refer to what actions we take when we are anxious and how we can influence our anxiety sensitivity in the long run. Because it is not possible to get completely rid of anxiety, it is important that we learn to accept it as a part of life and find constructive ways to take the edge off it. This makes it possible for us to live a meaningful life despite having anxiety. This prevents anxiety from making our life narrower or determining what we can do and are capable of.

I’ve maybe accepted it as part of my life. I don’t try to actively get away from it. Those feelings will happen, but I’ve learned to live with that.

Outi, expert by experience

You have been learning new methods in this self-care programme that have hopefully taught you how to regulate the intensity of your anxiety, calm yourself and shift your focus from distressing thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations to the present moment. The idea has not been to help you avoid anxiety or eliminate it altogether. These self-care exercises can help you cope with situations that would otherwise be unbearable and regulate your anxiety in ways that do not cause harm to yourself.

In the video below, experts by experience talk about what kind of a role anxiety plays in their lives.

Anxiety as part of life

Great, you have made it to the end!

This self-care programme ends here. It is now time for you to thank yourself for taking the time to examine your anxiety and practise new ways to regulate it. Going through the programme has required commitment and determination. This self-care programme is only the beginning in the lifelong maintenance of your wellbeing. Because anxiety is a part of life and has a tendency to intensify in stressful life situations, for example, it is important that you continue practising after the end of this programme.

At the start of this self-care programme, you took an anxiety questionnaire. Do you remember what your anxiety was like back then? You can now take the questionnaire again. It is great if your anxiety regulation skills have improved and your anxiety has lessened over the course of this programme. If anxiety continues to be a significant hindrance in your life, do not feel like you have to tackle it alone and do not hesitate to contact your local health station.