5th week: presence and easing up

Anchoring to the present moment helps you calm down

Anxiety often involves a ceaseless stream of thoughts and tension in the body. The person may feel restless and tense. The anxiety-related tensions may have continued for a long time, making relaxation potentially difficult. This may cause any attempts to relax to only increase tension as easing up feels impossible. You can practise relaxation with the previous week’s tension and release exercise.

If you find it difficult to relax, you can try to calm your body and mind by anchoring yourself to the present through a variety of exercises. You can help yourself anchor to the present moment and calm down by utilising motion and different sensations. Once you have successfully anchored and calmed yourself, you can start examining your bodily tensions and whether it is possible for you to gradually ease up on them. The experience of being able to ease up and calm down for a moment is important to one’s wellbeing.

Exercises for the week

reat, you have reached the final week of this self-care programme! This week’s exercises will help you calm down and relax. Keep practising tenaciously!

  • Circular breathing
  • Grounding exercises: stomping while standing up and lying down, crossed-arms patting
  • Try using senses and items
  • Crossed positions in which you cross your legs while sitting in different positions
  • Rocking: shifting your weight between your feet and between your heels and the balls of your feet